Checkweigher / Comparison scale - LQX100

With the Lauper LQX100 control unit of the latest generation, your packed bags are controlled. If the bag complies with the specification, it is passed on to the next line; if the bag is out of specification (too many or too few parts), it is rejected.

The control unit is connected to the Lauper LVX or LHX packaging machine via an interface and is thus fully integrated into the packaging line.

LQX100 Control Unit

in support frame with integrated control and remote display/operating unit (touch display)

Functionality and Design

The Lauper LQX100 is available in two different sizes. The basis is a measuring cell, which compares the bag weight with the specification. The control unit is not a weighing scale and thereof not suitable for weighing purpose.


Numerous Application Possibilities

The LQX100 control unit is used in many ways. Whether as a "stand-alone" control unit, integrated in a Lauper LT100 counting and weighing table or for final inspection after the Lauper LC100 conveyor belt - the Lauper LQX100 is always the right choice.