Conveyor belt - LC100

Matching our packaging machines of the LVX series, the Lauper LC100 out-feed conveyor belt provides you with the ideal interface to your downstream production line. The low overall height of 135 mm at the transfer point offers you the advantage for the layout of your overall line.

Conveyor belt dimensions

The Lauper LC100 conveyor belt is available in various versions. As standard, we supply the belt with a stud height of 33mm (see Table 1).

The different widths of the conveyor belt from table 2 can be combined with the dimensions from table 3. The widths 220mm and 340mm each fit our LVX packaging machines. The series with 460mm conveyor width is suitable if the bag is to be deposited crosswise to the discharge conveyor.

Bemassung Transportband LC100

Table 1: Stud heights of the conveyor belt

* Stud height 10 mm is a special form (standard stud height = 33 mm)

Table 2: Belt width (usable width of the conveyor belt)

Table 3: Conveying distance (declined conveying distance of the conveyor belt)

Control of the conveyor belt

The LC100 conveyor belt is driven by a 230V three-phase motor. Two different gear ratios allow us to offer you two different belt speeds. The conveyor belt is controlled directly by the Lauper packaging machine.

Transportband LC100