Bowl feeder systems - LW100

Our bowl feeder systems are designed to pack different components and products with high counting accuracy. The products are individually counted from the spiral conveyors and conveyed to the  Packaging machine LVX . Depending on the task you have to fulfill, we offer you an optimal complete solution, from a 1-pot line up to a 10-pot line and more. Our engineering will design your bowl feeder system according to your needs. Our know-how and thanks to different selectable options you will get an efficient project execution from our side.

Examples of Bowl Feeder Systems

LW100 Control Unit

The bowl feeders are operated individually via our LW100 bowl feeder control unit. This allows us the maximum flexibility through a completely modular design of your system. Each bowl feeder operates independently of the system and can be used as required - hardware and software are optimally matched to each other.

Each bowl feeder is controlled with its own control unit and adjusted according to the component.


Your bowl feeder systems are adapted to your needs and individually engineered, manufactured and assembled in-house. With our know-how and the consistently implemented modular construction method, we can quickly and efficiently take your wishes into account.

3D-CAD view of an LW100 2-pot bowl feeder with an LVX packaging machine, two LT100 sorting tables with hopper, noise protection, LC100 outfeed conveyor and LQX100 control unit.

Components and Features

Out-Feed Belt

With the out-feed conveyor, we guarantee an exact count. The performance is optimized to your product and specification.

Discharge Flap

The discharge flap transfers your components to the collecting conveyor belt and serves as a buffer for the counted pieces.

Collecting Belt

The collecting belt conveys your components "bag by bag" to the packaging machine. The collecting belt is made to fit your products and plant.


The bunker serves as part storage and fills the bowl feeder fully automatically. The bunkers are available in various sizes and designs.

Noise Protection

The noise protection insulation can be attached on request. Openings and viewing windows allow you to have an overview at all times.

Mechanical Engineering

Your system is designed in-house and adapted to your requirements. Our constructions are usually made of stainless steel and/or aluminum.