Horizontal Packaging Machine - LHX

The horizontal packing machines LHX are especially suitable for packing bulky and long products, or when the position of the products in the package is predetermined. The horizontal packaging machine is used, for example, to pack stacks of cups, decorative strips, instructions with inserts and much more.

We offer the Lauper LHX in two different sizes, the LHX350 and LHX550. As standard, the LHX are provided with an insert, which limits the maximum bag length of 800 mm. By means of suitable in feed and out feed systems, bag lengths of up to 6 meters can be realized.

Our horizontal Packaging machines

* Bag lengths of up to 6 meters are possible due to a continuous product feed and discharge conveyor.

Standard Functions

  • Operating by toch-display
  • Variable bag length
  • Adjustable bag perforation
  • Hand/automatic operation
  • Safety shutdown of the cross unit
  • Mechanical part infeed

Additional Functions and Features

  • Bag chain with adjustable number of bags
  • Double bags with different bag lengths
  • Hand/food switches
  • Bag labeling/printing
  • Photocell control

It is packed in back seam bags without overhanging film edges.

Application examples for the LHX horizontal Packaging machine