Unser vielseitiges Zubehör kann einfach mit unseren Verpackungsmaschinen kombiniert und erweitert werden.

Checkweigher / Comparison scale - LQX100

Kontrolleinheit LQX100

With the Lauper LQX100 control unit of the latest generation, the final quality check of the packed bags is directly connected to the packaging machine. Bags that do not meet the specification are rejected from the packaging line. Due to its compact design, the Lauper LQX100 can also be easily integrated into an existing packaging line.

Conveyor belt - LC100

As an optimal addition to your packaging system, we offer you the Lauper LC100 conveyor belts, a compact solution for transferring the finished bags from a Lauper packaging machine to your following transport system. Due to its low overall height, the Lauper LC100 conveyor belts offers a decisive advantage when planning the entire packaging line.

Transportband LC100

Sorting table - LB100

Sortiertisch LB100

The Lauper LB100 sorting tables are the ideal addition to your packaging line if you want to pack manually sorted products in addition to automatically counted products. The sorting tables are designed to meet your specific needs - whether as a stand-alone component or as an integral part of a complex packaging system.

Control Software


The LinuxWendel is a control software for our packaging machines. You compile an assortment, configure the articles it contains, the number of bags, bag sizes and many other parameters. All settings can be made with the help of this software. There is no need to set the various parameters by hand anymore.

Available units that can be configured via the software:

  • Packaging Machine
  • Bowl Feeder
  • Bowl Feeder with Bunker
  • Sorting and Count Control Tables
  • Conveyor Belts
  • Control Unit
  • Dosing Scale

During the process, the status of each unit is graphically visible on the screen.

The LinuxWendel control software is available for:


The LauperLinkPro software is designed for the serial connection of packaging machines and/or control units. A comfortable and easy to use assortment management with which also several units can be controlled simultaneously. Instead of making all settings on the packaging machine itself, you conveniently configure everything on the screen and save your settings.

Available units that can be configured via the software:

  • Vertical Packaging Machine
  • Control Unit
  • Count Control Table
  • Sorting Table

The LauperLinkPro control software is available for: