Counting and weighing systems - LZ100

With the Lauper LZ100 counting and weighing systems, your components are counted with a comparative scale - based on the Lauper LQX100 control unit - and packed into bags with an Packaging machine LVX . With horizontal conveyors, suitable for your products, the components are portioned in a weighing funnel and transferred to the packaging machine. The LZ100 lines can also be well combined with components from the LW100 spiral conveyor systems. Our local distributors and we will be glad to advise you in your project.

Examples of Counting and Weighing Systems


The bulk components are separated from each other by horizontal conveyors and conveyed to the weighing funnel. Coarse and fine dosing allow very accurate counting. The required number of pieces is determined by means of a comparative weight. The weighing funnel transfers the components to the LVX packaging machine for packing and further transport. A housing around the weighing funnel protects the measuring technology from external influences, improves counting accuracy and guarantees consistent results.

Components and Features

Noise Canceling and Wear Protection

In addition to the housing, plastic plates in the hopper and tube reduce noise and also prevent wear of the hopper and tube.


To increase the time between refilling, we can install a bunker. Our distributors and we will be happy to advise you.

Mechanical Engineering

We design your system according to your needs. We pay attention to a compact and space-saving installation, as well as simple operation and good accessibility.