Vertical Packaging Machines

Lauper LVX

Vertical Packaging Machines:
The Vertical Packaging Machines Lauper LVX is our new generation of vertical packaging machines. It is based on the proven LV series and offers user-friendly and modern operation with a touch display.

Different sizes of packaging machines allow the realization of bag widths from 30mm to 330mm. There are (almost) no limits to the bag length. With various options, bag chains, perforations, Euro hole punching and much more can be implemented.

* The maximum bag length and the maximum cycle power are limited by the machine configuration and the plant layout.

Standard Functions

  • Operating by toch-display
  • Variable bag length
  • Adjustable bag perforation
  • Hand/automatic operation
  • Safety shutdown of the cross unit
  • Filling on top of closed cross unit
  • Setting the falling and cooling times

Additional Functions and Features

  • Bag chain with adjustable number of bags
  • Double bags with different bag lengths
  • Hand/food switches
  • Direct print on bags
  • Lableing
  • Photocell control

Application Examples